The flaws that kill our democracy by Klaas Mensaert — Book Review by Zjef


Short video review in dutch with English subs — by the grace of VideoMe

Article 42 of the Belgian Constitution

The Rise of Partisanship and Super-Cooperators in the U.S. House of Representatives — Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed 17 Mar, 2020]

The flaws that kill our democracy: Exclusivity and Centralisation

A parliament is like a computer, it has a maximum processing capability
(Source: EuronestScola)
There’s also a breaking point for antifragility not show on this graph, still it gains a lot more first (Image: Bilgrin Ibryam )

An upgraded parliament

Voting ballot for parties (Source: Klaas’s book)
Voting ballot for people’s representatives (Source: Klaas’s book)

An upgraded book

Frame the solution by using the solution

A possible way forward


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