Ayşegül Sırakaya answers Zjef’s questions about international law around restoration and use of natural resources — I Ask therefore I am #103

What was first, the question or the answer?

In this podcast-series I talk to experts who have a deep knowledge about complex subjects. Together we’re looking at how their work is important for our personal lives and the whole of humanity.

And so,

We’re making the world a little bit better, one question at a time.

When we’re asking for climate action from our governments and companies, we’re often forgetting that we’re asking them to give up their current power in relation to other governments and companies. The first ones to do it, will most probably lose economically and politically, and there’s no guarantee that they will get it back when a new global equilibrium is achieved.

The big question then is: How do we create that international safe zone for the transition to a more sustainable world? Or in other words: How do we constitute global collaboration based on trust and equality?

There’s no definite answer yet, but in this podcast with Ayşegül Sırakaya you will learn about the latest proceedings in that quest for planetary harmony.

With a masters degree in international and European law, Ayşegül is working as a legal advisor at ABS-int. She’s also a PhD researcher at Ghent University on access and benefit-sharing of genetic resources. What makes her perfect for podcasting is that she has an amazing British accent and is a wizard with words as an editor at Politheor (European Policy Network).

The conversation in this podcast starts with Ayşegül’s work on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS), a system set in place for the regeneration of nature and the creation of a more equal world.

You will also learn that this is of course not as easy as it sounds, and that people like Ayşegül are pioneers in international collaboration and are still faced with an enormous amount of challenges. In the dialogue we’re exploring all those issues and possible solutions.

If you are into climate action and global cooperation, this podcast is a must listen for you.


0min37 — İntroduction to Ayşegül Sırakaya
3min30 — How I came to know about Ayşegül’s work
6min30 — Introduction to Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)
14min40 — How does international law work?
17min45 — History, structure and organisation of international cooperation around ABS
21min30 — Can we scale up this system to all global resources?
25min20 — How do the ABS-systems get funded
33min40 — How to create trust between different countries, communities, companies and other organisations
42min50 — Should we change the basic system around ABS? About Cryptocurrencies and the basic inequality in the ABS-system.
53min20 — Global governance and a universal basic income for countries
65min45 — A message of hope and the need for marketing

Billie the microwolf was our support (find her on instagram)

Season 1 Interviews:

#103 — Ayşegül Sırakaya answers Zjef’s questions about international law around restoration and use of natural resources
#102 — Radu M. Giurgiu answers Zjef’s questions about high tech ecosystem farming

#101 Simon Ghiotto beantwoordt Zjefs vragen over de politiek — Ik vraag dus ik ben

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Writer, podcast-host & applied philosopher. Manifesting ideas and strategies for a global ecosystem society!

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Zjef Van Acker

Zjef Van Acker

Writer, podcast-host & applied philosopher. Manifesting ideas and strategies for a global ecosystem society!

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